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2020/2021 Registration Open Houses

Costume Drawing and Open Houses.png

Class Tuition: per month

1-hour class (Preschool-Beg level) $40.00/month

1-hour class (All Graded Levels) $45/month

Ballet 2 (2 hr/wk) $75.00

Ballet 3 (1.5 hr/2wk) $120.00

Ballet 4/Pointe (5hr/2wk) $175.00


*no additional discounts on ballet classes


Yearly Registration Fee:

$25.00 new student/$15 returning student


Costume Fee:

$70 per preschool class, $80 per non-preschool class, $125 pointe costume fee.

(half due on or before Oct 31/ half due on or before Nov 29)

Costume Fee includes tights, costume accessories and free alterations.



2 classes per student  $5 discount off the second class (11% discount)

3+classes per student  $10 discount ($5 second/$5 third).-  (22% discount)

Unlimited student $225/month

Unlimited Outreach Team student $250/month

Year paid in full 5% discount (does not include registration fee and costume fee) Must be paid in Sept.

Boys Classes: $30 per month *with signed agreement

Special Needs: $50 one-time fee for Joy In Motion students



Now Accepting:


*All recurring payments require a $25 setup fee. 

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