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Integrity COMPANY

Outreach Team Goals:

  1. Seeks to reach our local communities for Christ through dance and performance opportunities.

  2. Dancers will be expected to uphold a level of professionalism as the ministry portion of Integrity.

  3. Dancers are split up into individual teams for choreographic purposes which will be based on ability.

  4. The outreach team will seek to perform 8-10 performances a year. This includes churches, special community events, hospitals, manors, Festival of the Arts, one competition, Dance Revolution, and any other special events where our ministry can be used.

  5. All members will be expected to represent Integrity with the highest of professionalism and respect. Unacceptable behavior will be dealt with on an individual basis and could result in removal from the team.


For More Information & Performance Booking Inquiries Contact:

Miss Mak Fisher, Integrity Outreach Team Director

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