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Preschool Program: Joyful Feet

These classes are offered for our littlest dancer. Here you dancer will learn proper technique while adding fun elements and encouraging creativity. These classes are set up according to age. 2/3years, 3/4years, 5/6years. Combo classes include 30 minutes of tap and ballet to accommodate a youngster’s attention span while providing the student with exposure to multiple dance forms.

Also now offering: "Mommy and Me" for our baby ballerinas! Infants-Age 2 come dance for a 6-week session with mom learning balance, creative movement, and fun! "Mommy and Me" does not participate in recital.


Beginning Levels: Rising Feet

All forms of dance are offered for the beginner student. These classes start at our Pre Level for ages 6-7, our Junior level for ages 8-11 and Teen level for ages 12+. Classes offered for the beginner are as follows: Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, & Lyrical.


Placement levels: Faithful Feet

Classes are offered for the advanced dancer looking to pursue dancing as a career or simply to gain a good understanding of technique in a specific discipline. Classes are placement only. Students looking to enroll in a placement class must come in for a personal evaluation. 

Additional Opportunities for Integrity Dancers:

Demonstrator Program and Performance Outreach Team.

Class Levels ...

Preschool Combo                                                                    
Ages 2-6.  Basic ballet steps and creative movement. Class consists of half-hour tap and half-hour ballet.

Pre Ballet                            
Ages 6-7.  Introduction to technical ballet including barre work and center floor. For students not yet ready for beginning ballet.


​Beginning Ballet
Disciplined training in classical ballet technique provides the foundation for the development of the dancer. These classes will teach the dancer proper body alignment, stretching and strengthening techniques, coordination, gracefulness and correct French terminology used in all dance classes around the world. Because ballet provides the foundation for all styles of dance, it is not only essential for the child with an interest in classical ballet training, but also for the dancer looking to improve her/his technique in all other forms of dance.

Offered Ages 6-7, 8-11, and Teen. Basic ballet technique with little or no prior training.

​Ballet 1
Placement only. Basic ballet technique with 2-3 years prior training.

Ballet 2
Placement only.  Beginner-intermediate. 3-4 years prior training. Class is an hour and meets twice per week.

​Ballet 3
Placement only. Intermediate, Emphasis on pointe preparation. 3-4 years prior training. Three hours/week required. 

Ballet 4/5/Pointe
Placement only. Advanced with emphasis on pointe technique with 4-5 years prior training. Five hours/week required.

​Pre Jazz
For ages 6-7. Introduction to jazz with stretching and emphasis on flexibility. for students not yet ready for beginning jazz. 

​Beginning Jazz
Students will enjoy exercises to improve strength and flexibility, turning and jumping progressions and center-floor combinations with a strong emphasis on proper technique. Offered Ages 6-7, 8-11, and Teen.  Basic technique with little or no prior training.

Jazz 1
Placement only. Ages 8 and up. Beg./Int. with 1-2 years prior training.


​Jazz 2

Placement only. Intermediate/Adv with 2-3 years prior training.


Jazz 3

Placement only. Advanced with 3-4 years prior training. 

Jazz 4-5

Placement only. Advanced with 5+ years prior training.

Pre/ Beginning Tap
Creating rhythms and sounds, tap dancing is truly unique. Tappers develop musicality, rhythm, quick thinking, and the ability to “hear” music. Our tap classes include technique from the graded Al Gilbert series as well as combinations set to fun music. Offered in Ages 7-10. Basic technique with little or no prior training.


Tap 1

Placement only. Beginning/Intermediate with 1-2 years prior training.


Tap 2

Placement only. Intermediate with 2-3 years prior training.


Tap 3

Placement only. Advanced with 3-4 years prior training.

Tap 4

Placement only. Advanced with 5+ years prior training.


Hip Hop

Offered for students ages 6-7, ages 8-11, and placement levels. Refers to street styles primarily performed to hip hop music that has evolved as part of hip hop culture. It includes a wide range of styles including breaking, popping, and locking. 


Placement only. Contemporary dance tends to utilize both the strong and controlled legwork of ballet and modern dance's stress on the torso, and also employs contact-release, floor work, fall and recovery, and improvisation characteristic of modern dance.  Dual enrollment with ballet is required.


Special Needs

Offered for students ages 9-18yrs. Focus on creative movement, turning, rhythm and balance. There is a one-time $100 fee for our students participating in the Joy In Motion Program that includes recital costume, shoes and weekly dance attire.

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